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My hobbies include just about anything, really...except reading, I hate reading! Kidding of course, reading is my favorite hobby! I love not only reading, but creative writing as well. I'm currently working on a novel about a group of paranormal social workers who try to help creatures like themselves cope with being different while also protecting humanity from the more malevolent beings. Other hobbies include music, yoga, comedy clubs, movies, and video games. I read from just about any genre, but my favorites are fantasy/urban fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and graphic novels (that's what us comic-book geeks call them to try to sound more sophisticated). In my secret identity, I work as an accountant for a nonprofit organization . I know...accounting and creative writing don't exactly go together...what can I say, I'm full of contradictions! My rating system: 5 STARS - I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't wait to finish it, yet I also never wanted it to end! 4 STARS - I liked this book an awful lot! It would have been perfect, except for some minor issue or issues that detracted from my overall enjoyment. 3 STARS - I liked this book, but found it somewhat flawed. Probably would not read again, but might still give the author and/or series a second chance. 2 STARS - Overall, a disappointing read for me. It had its moments, but sadly the bad outweighed the good. 1 STAR - I hate the part of my brain that convinced me to read this book!

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Grave Peril - Jim Butcher Another fun ride from "The Dresden Files", this one begins with wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden investigating a series of hauntings involving angry spirits. All the elements I've come to expect from the Harry Dresden series were present...Harry's sharp wit, horrific (yet fascinating) villains, and fast-paced action. Also, the larger story that's been intertwined throughout the series gets even richer with this edition. Harry's relationship with reporter Susan Rodriguez heats up, the long reach of the three vampire courts is revealed, and the machinations of Harry's wicked fairy godmother become much more interesting!

While I did love this book, I have to admit that it suffers from "Spider-Man 3" syndrome...in other words, the author tries to juggle too many elements at once. The book begins with an investigation into ghost sightings, but the ghosts quickly take a back seat to the vampires. It just felt like some pieces of the story (particularly the ghosts) weren't explored fully enough to make it interesting.

Still, if the worst thing you can say about this book is that it gives you too much rather than too little, that still makes for a wonderful adventure!